Driveway Extensions

If you are looking to widen or extend the length of your driveway to accommodate more vehicles, we invite you to contact Concrete Significance. Ranked among the finest of all concrete contractors in the region, we have over 22 years of experience to our name, and we have no intention of resting our laurels on past successes yet. Let us be the ones to conduct the driveway extension.

Would you like to learn more about our driveway extension services? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always available to field the questions and concerns of the people in our community. Call (704) 430-8340 at your leisure.

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Preferred Concrete Contractors

If you have recently bought a second vehicle or installed a basketball net in your family’s driveway, you might find yourself wishing that your driveway was a little wider. Having one vehicle parked behind the other is never ideal, and everyone wants their children to have enough space on the property to enjoy themselves.

In times such as those, you’ll find yourself looking for a concrete contractor specializing in extending driveways. Given how much money you’ve already invested in your property, you aren't going to take risks—you want a reputable company whose handiwork improves the driveway. Rest assured, we are that company.

Look to us when you want:

  • Up-front quotes on services
  • Great deals on stains, plus other products and materials
  • Strict adherence to deadlines
  • Personable customer service
  • And more

We are the concrete company of choice. You will understand why after you consult with our team about your new driveway.

Celebrated Driveway Professionals

Working with an experienced concrete driveway extension company has more than a few perks. Our years of experience allow us to think several steps ahead during the process, ensuring fewer setbacks and delays. In an age where time is money, you want seasoned professionals like us by your side.

Would you like us to apply a coating over the top of the old and new concrete to give the driveway a smooth, uniform look? Let us know. Concrete resurfacing is one of our specialties.

Full Suite of Driveway Extension Services

There is more to extending a driveway than simply pouring new concrete into the areas of choice. After pouring concrete, you might want us to apply some finishing touches to the surfaces. We are more than willing to do so. For the past two decades, we have improved the properties of our clients by extending driveways in any number of ways. After pouring the concrete in the areas you would wish to extend the driveway, we can:

  • Resurface the new driveway
  • Stain the driveway
  • Leave fresh concrete extensions as-is
  • And more

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Do you know you need to extend the driveway on your property, but you aren’t sure which approach to take? Don’t fret. Book a consultation with us. We will survey the property and determine the most suitable course of action. Call us at (704) 430-8340 now to speak to our team.

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