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Walkways Stairs

Concrete is one of the most durable materials a person can build with. It is no wonder that so many people in Charlotte choose to have many of their construction projects performed with concrete as the primary material.

Here at Concrete Significance, we didn’t get into the concrete construction business on a whim. We chose concrete because it is a material that offers so many different benefits, and unlike some other building materials, it will never be just a fad. It provides good acoustics, superb fire and water damage protection, excellent thermal mass and low carbon construction. It is also an incredibly versatile material with very few limits on its ability to be structured and manipulated.

Concrete walkway construction in Charlotte

Walkways are a great way to keep a healthy looking yard as they create an area for foot traffic so that the grass is not trampled. They also provide protection as concrete walkways can be given a coarse texture to prevent slipping or they can have top coats applied that provide better grip. Placing a walkway also gives you the possibility of dividing your yard into different areas. On one side you can have your garden and on the other you can have an area for activities.

Concrete stair and step construction in Charlotte

Get to where you need to go with stairs that will last a life time. Concrete Significance can create stairs of almost any depth, length, width or curvature with the malleable features of concrete. We will come to your home or business, inspect the area you would like to build on, and give you a variety of options for the steps in both shape and look. We can also create ramps for easy wheelchair or delivery access.

Versatile Concrete

Concrete is one of the most popular building materials in the business for a reason: it’s incredibly versatile. Not only can it be used for foundations and other structures, but it can also even be used to mold perfect walkways and staircases. Concrete is extremely durable, relatively low maintenance, provides excellent fire protection, offers a sound-proofed surface, and is wind and water-resistant. Not only that, but it can also be poured to mold into any shape and still maintain structural stability. It’s the perfect option for outdoor walkways and staircases because concrete can take any shape and will maintain its quality for a long time.

You need the versatility of concrete on your property. Trust a company that knows how to use it to your advantage. Call us to reap the many benefits of concrete for your walkways and staircases.

Concrete Poured by Experts

At Concrete Significance, we take our concrete seriously. We have been in the business of working with concrete for many years, and know the ways to pour, mold, and support concrete of various shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs, we know we’ll be able to find the results-driven solution to give you concrete that lasts a long time, functioning exactly as you need it to.

Our team has all been well-trained with lots of experience on the job, meaning they will be able to provide perfect concrete services for your home or business. To get a staircase or walkway poured by the best team of professionals around, call us at (704) 430-8340.

Stair and Walkway Repairs

Although concrete is exceptionally durable, sometimes, over time, concrete stairs and walkways can show signs of their age. Cracks may start to appear on the concrete surface, but this doesn’t mean it’s time to replace your stars or walkway. All it means is you have a minor repair job to do.

If you’re looking to get your concrete repaired, do it with a professional that can execute the job perfectly. At Concrete Significance, we have the experience to fix your cracked concrete quickly and efficiently, using minimal time and materials. This means you can have your concrete as good as new before you know it. Our repair methods and sealant selection make our concrete repairs more durable and affordable than if you did it yourself.

So for any crack repairs in your concrete, contact us at (704) 430-8340!

Stairs and Walkways You Can Afford

One of the things that set us apart as concrete specialists in your area is the way that we can keep the costs low for you. Concrete Significance is proud to offer extremely competitive rates for our concrete fixtures, including our walkways and staircases. We do this by making sure we pour the right amount of material, finish the job quickly, and get tools and supplies from well-priced suppliers. We always look for the best ways we can pass our savings onto you.

To get concrete installations that you can afford, and get an accurate estimate for your desired service, give us a call today at (704) 430-8340!

If you are in Charlotte and think your concrete could use a resurfacing or repair then you can count on Concrete Significance to get the job done at a fair price.

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